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STREAMING MP3 SITES (Requires Winamp, Sonique, Audion, SoundJam or XMMS
  • Shoutcast ~ Streaming MP3 guide to dance music sites on the internet from Nullsoft.
  • SomaFM ~ Streaming MP3 feeds featuring ambient and electronica. Featuring Groove Salad & Squid Radio.
  • FlareSound ~ Streaming MP3 feeds featuring house, downtempo and electronica.
  • Monkey Radio ~ Streaming MP3 station featuring Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Acid Jazz and Abstrakt Beats.
  • TagsTrance ~ Streaming Trance and techno site.
  • Liquid.Acid.Net ~ Streaming Trance and techno site.
  • Ambient Worldsite ~ Streaming MP3 feeds featuring ambient.
  • Blue Mars ~ Streaming MP3 station featuring deep ambient for the space traveler.
  • WiredPlanet ~ Streaming MP3 feeds featuring house, techno, ambient and electronica. Alpha 2.0
  • SleepBot ~ Streaming MP3 station featuring some of the most sleep-worthy ambient tracks ever created.


  • KCRW Metropolis ~ Santa Monica, CA net radio with Jason Bentley. Weeknights 8-10PM.
  • KCRW Future Sound of LA ~ Santa Monica, CA net radio with Ricky Andres. Sunday.
  • ~ Watch and listen to live sessions from guest DJs.
  • Groovefactory ~ The home of house music on the web.
  • Groovetech ~ Seattle based webcaster with jukeboxes and an online music store.
  • Sonicnet ~ Wide variety of music, some good stuff can be found amongst the hype. See Artist Search.
  • Planet Revolution ~ Popular electronic dance music. Hosted by
  • Radio Value ~ 24 hour Techno internet radio station.
  • The Beta Lounge ~ Music broadcast using RealAudio.
  • The Womb ~ RealAudio feeds from South Beach, Florida.
  • Dream Escape ~ Live WebCasts, Electronica and MP3 Techno Music from well known, adventurous artists.
  • GrooveRadio ~ Wide variety, focusing on electronic dance music.
  • Ninja Tune ~ Home of Coldcut, Solid Steel, Big Dada and Ntone.
  • Bedrock ~ UK site with resident DJ John Digweed.
  • interFACE ~ Pirate Radio under London.
  • Nirvanet ~ Various styles of music broadcast from France using RealAudio.
  • Planet Internet ~ Live Belgian station broadcasting in Dutch.
  • Basic Radio ~ Webcasting live DJ mixes daily since March 1998 from Geneva, Switzerland.
  • The Sound Of Ljubljana ~ Techno from Slovenia.
  • Sputnik7 ~ Audio and Video site.
  • Vibeflow ~ Webcasting site featuring house, techno and tribal.
  • 1Groove ~ Webcasts and archives of all forms of electronic music.
  • Netmix ~ DJ mixes with RealAudio previews.
  • XPN ~ Home of The World Cafe.
  • WKNC ~ North Carolina college radio station on the net.
  • NetRadio ~ Has many styles and choices. Has a few gems, but clueless and plagued by ads and commercials.
  • Spinner ~ 120 RealAudio channels, some are very good, but most are crap. Forces you to use their player.
  • Rave Network ~ LA based rave culture site with RealAudio webcasting.
  • Bass Quake ~ Retrospective Rave and Old School tunes. Having server problems.
  • Amino Radio ~ Electronic music. Problems connecting.
  • X-Radio ~ Netcasts, jukeboxes, previews of various artists and online shopping. Problems connecting.
  • GoGaGa ~ Freeform eclectic web radio station. RealAudio Freeform. See the Playlist. Levitation. Droid.
  • Streetsounds ~ A very big resource for dance music in the USA. Under reorganization.
  • Pseudo ~ The best overall online radio station. Sadly, it appears to be dead.
  • Freq ~ A part of the Pseudo network. Dead too. This one was really great.




  • vTuner ~ A utility for finding and organizing web radio stations.
  • RadioSpy ~ Set up a webcasting station.
  • Paradoxon ~ Portable MP3 player, music links, and music downloads.
  • Audible ~ Software for enabling downloads of audio files from Audible.


  • RIAA ~ The Recording Industry Association of America. Licenses music.
  • BMI ~ Broadcast Music Incorporated. Licenses music.
  • ASCAP ~ American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Licenses music.
  • SESAC ~ Society of European Stage Authors and Composers. Licenses music.
  • NMPA ~ National Music Publishers' Association. Licenses music.
  • Negativland ~ Essay on intellectual property rights and copyright issues. Plus links to resources.
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act ~ U.S. law governing copyrights and digital media.


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