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  • DHKY ~ An incredibly talented designer. He knows!

  • Super Shibuya ~ Japanese designers have produced a must-see site.

  • Eyesaw Fontz ~ Reminds me of Wired magazine.

  • Annex ~ Rave/RetroTech with a videogame influence.

  • Segura Design ~ Futuristic design embracing techno and organic.

  • Maniackers Design ~ Fisher Price meets Silicon Graphics in Technoland.

  • Evolutionzone ~ Marius Watz's site. Respect! A leader of FutureCulture.

  • ~ A Norwegian designer's homepage.

  • ~ Another cool Norwegian site.

  • Fame Whore ~ Clean, well-placed design in this site.

  • volumeone ~ Artistic layout and designer colors. Visually appealing. Traps Browser

  • NextData ~ Belgian designer JoŽl Neelen's site.

  • T-26 ~ Digital type foundry with a futuristic look.

  • The Remedi Project ~ Experimental design site.

  • Heliozilla ~ Leans toward Industrial, but still fun.

  • SwirlyFace ~ Dr. Ozone's Techno Art site with creative interfaces.

  • Blue Sky Heart Graphics ~ Excellent design and great looking interfaces. Mac.

  • Anders Qvicker ~ Swedish designer making interesting interfaces.

  • Infinite Fish Productions ~ Very talented designer gaining rapid recognition.

  • 3D Ark ~ A good source for 3D computer graphics & animation enthusiasts.

  • Phong ~ Interesting graphics and layout.

  • CK Graphix ~ "3D rendered" looking site.

  • Phoenix Pop ~ Bruce and Simon's clean techno style site. Traps Browser



  • Shift ~ From Japan, major powers in design can be found here. See IMGSRC100.

  • Digitalthread ~ Digital artist's design and production resource.

  • Born Magazine ~ Many of the staffers are from impressive sites.

  • New Media Age Online ~ Review of commercial designers.

  • Supernation ~ Some very interesting designers can be found here.

  • Word ~ A magazine where Art School never ends.

  • High Five ~ Weekly review site for designers. News, articles and reviews of standout sites.

Note: Most of these sites are best viewed using Netscape 4 (Microsoft doesn't implement Java correctly.)


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