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  • Geocities ~ A megasite with very interesting inhabitants run by Yahoo.

  • Tripod ~ Another large on-line community run by Lycos.

  • Angelfire ~ Another large on-line community run by Lycos.

  • Xoom ~ Another large on-line community.

  • Demon ~ UK based on-line community.

  • eGroups ~ Online custom discussion groups and distribution lists.

  • The Rail ~ Connections to various destinations on the web.

  • WebRing ~ The one and only ring server, now owned by Yahoo.

  • Six Degrees ~ Online community based on information you provide about people you know.

  • ICQ ~ The world's largest interpersonal communication network.

  • Electric Minds ~ Chat Palace, using Avatars, from Howard Rheingold of The Well.

  • EnviroLink ~ On-line environmental community.

  • The Garden ~ Building communities and raising consciousness.

  • Waking World ~ A virtual community promoting positive global transformation.

  • The Inner Voice ~ An inspirational on-line magazine.

  • AncientSites ~ Ancient History Community with games, trivia, quizzes, tours and Virtual Classroom.

  • Sun Angel ~ Joyful Alternatives for Spiritual Self Help.


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