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  • Top 100 Feeds ~ Listing of top ranked Blogs, aggregators and feed directories.

  • Boing Boing ~ A directory of wonderful things. This one is fun :)

  • Memigo ~ News feed selections based on your ratings and those of other similar users.

  • Blogdex ~ Blog listings based of track-back scores.

  • ~ Web based aggregator listing various blogs .

  • NewsIsFree ~ Free (and paid) advanced news aggregator.

  • Syndic8 ~ Search engine for finding RSS and Atom news feeds on a wide variety of topics.


  • Fastbuzz ~ Free web based aggregator to search and view your favorite online publications.

  • Sharpreader ~ RSS Aggregator for Windows.

  • NewsGator ~ News Aggregator (with a really bad name) that runs in Microsoft Outlook. Full featured.

  • Feedreader~ An open-source RSS desktop feed aggregator.

  • RSS Bandit~ An open-source .NET RSS desktop feed aggregator.


  • ~ Reviews of the top RSS feed readers to help you choose the best program for your needs.

  • RSS Info ~ RSS feed reader listing and suggestions.

  • RSS News Readers ~ DMOZ directory of RSS readers and news aggregators.

  • AtomEnabled ~ Information about the Atom RSS standard.

  • OPML ~ Information and specs for Open Processor Markup Language.

  • TuCows ~ Tucow's developer hangout with info on their OPML project.


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