The Essentia Card Spread Cloth

The Elements and Card Placement

Atom ElementsThe Essentia Atom is composed of seven elements arranged in a unique pattern.  Each element represents a fundamental concept and exists as a self-contained world.  A card placed on an element gets a contextual meaning defined by that element as it acts as a filter or magnifier.  It's the element that's used to interpret the meaning of the card, it's relation to the other cards, and the overall meaning of the entire placement (the spread).  Cards on elements are related to all the other cards on elements directly through the interconnectedness of the Essentia Atom, forming a unity of the seven distinct worlds.  The cards together, and how they relate to each other and integrate, is what gives you the complete meaning of the spread.  Discover and contemplate.

Optionally, cards can be placed in the positions between the elements to signify a relationship between them, and that a contextual meaning exists.  Orient the card lengthwise between elements to indicate those elements are linked.  You can use the top of the card to indicate a directional association if there is one.  Cards can also be inverted to signify that the card's concept is reversed, as is done with Tarot cards.

The essence of the Essentia Atom is integration, wholeness and unity.  The goal of this discovery tool is to help understand how to become a well-balanced, self-empowered and highly integrated individual, and promote positive, mutually beneficial relationships with other people.

You can download the booklet here.