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Why Join the Essentia Web Ring?

By joining the Essentia Web Ring, you will be in constant contact with other individuals with the same interests and beliefs.  The benefit gained from each well designed site is multiplied when they are linked together.   You will also gain greater exposure in general by the synergy of the Ring.   People visiting a member site will find all of the Essentia sites, including yours.   And for all the rewards of this free service, setting up your page to be a link in the Ring is not difficult at all.


  1. Essentia sites are joined together by a common desire to promote enlightenment, spirituality and well-being in themselves and others.   Essentia Web Ring members seek to define and attain ideals which are beneficial to all.  We also wish to preserve and protect our planet to be a healthy and enjoyable home both now and for generations to come.

  2. To join you must own a related site.  Your page should contain some original and self-acquired material that is unique.  Your site should also be updated fairly often, with new content being added regularly.

  3. Ringmembers pages should be written to allow browsing using the English language but can be multi-lingual.

  4. When you  join you must place the Essentia Web Ring interface on the same page that other users will enter on. This means that users of the Essentia Web Ring can immediately  use the interface when hitting your page.

  5. If you don't like the Essentia Web Ring interface design you're allowed to make one of yourself, but the following functionality must be in it: home, next, previous, list and random.

  6. You should have a basic understanding of HTML coding and website design.  No HTML code is allowed in the "description" field when setting up your link.

  7. If you use another person's material in your pages, you should credit that person (e.g name and URL) and acknowledge any legal claims they have to that material  (e.g. put the copyright on the material).  You are not allowed to publish material if denied permission by the source/creator of the material.

  8. As a general rule, we do not censor rings or ring content, nor do we wish to do so.  We do reserve the right, however, to deny service to anyone, and terminate/suspend your ring if the system is being abused. 

  9. The Essentia Web Ring maintainer/ringmaster is not responsible for the contents of Ringmembers pages.

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